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Inspired by every woman's search for something more eclectic... and more individual... with a unique fit that is true Couture.

Randee St Nicholas is a world-renowned photographer and music video and commercial director who has worked with some of the most iconic names in music, film and television. Besides various album covers and advertising, print and commercial campaigns, her work has been featured in many magazine publications including Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Time, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar, Entertainment Weekly, Fashion and Flaunt.

While touring with Prince in 2008 to promote their best-selling photography book "21 Nights," Randee was unable to find the clothing she wanted to wear for publicity, TV appearances and magazine interviews. She decided to create clothing that would better represent herself and her style. Suddenly the press and the public who saw Randee's interviews began inquiring as to who made the clothes she was wearing, and where they could find them for themselves. It was all very serendipitous... rsn boheme was born.