Nocturne #22
scroll Nocturne #22 In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth. scroll

Michiko Suzuki began under the influence of her grandfather who was a well-established tailor. She then continued her journey and studied with Yohji Yamamoto, and was promoted to designer for Y's Red Label where she continued her craft.

In 2010, Michiko started her own label, Nocturne #22 In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth. in order to honor the 21 Nocturne piano pieces by Frédéric Chopin. Her brand represents the continuation of his works, #22, the unknown piece, which draws a lot of inspiration from the nocturnes and is the reason why black is always the underlying theme in her creations. Every collection revolves around the Japanese design philosophy and color palette which comprises the 4 traditional Japanese colors: white, black, red and blue. Nocturne #22 In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth. is classic but also avant-garde. The tailoring is often masculine but magically becomes more feminine when worn by a woman.