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A former actor turned artist and photographer, Greg Lauren hadn't considered following in the footsteps of his uncle Ralph or father Jerry (the executive VP of men's design at Polo Ralph Lauren) until four and a half years ago, when he was working on "Alteration," an exhibit of iconic menswear he re-created from paper. Intrigued by the idea of "wearable pieces," he experimented with the materials then at his fingertips, ripping up and sewing back together pieces of canvas and drop cloth. His first collection, currently on display in the windows at Barneys New York and available at boutiques like Maxfield in Los Angeles, features mostly outerwear, handmade by Lauren and a team of artisans, from deconstructed vintage military duffel bags, sailor uniforms, Army tents and repurposed cashmere. The pieces come in various silhouettes—military coats, blazers and tuxedo jackets—for men and women.