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This Brazilian designer uses the finest cotton and silk, a variety of modern and classic cuts, and implements beautiful hand dyed colors into each piece of apparel. Each item also effortlessly promotes the concept of wearable elegance and is ultra-comfortable.

Gilda Midani worked in the visual arts for years prior to launching her clothing line. Her eye for detail has definitely served her well in her recent foray into fashion. A photographer first, she moved to New York in the early 90's and worked in the advertising and music business. Learning about and exploring a variety of materials and artistic techniques, she immediately realized her passion for textiles.

Midani often uses textiles and shapes to convey her ideas and showcase her artistic, aesthetic flair in fashion. Expect to see and feel items designed from pure cotton and silk which make her pieces beyond soft and savory. Her collection items move with your body and explore unique textures. When you wear any of her woven work you will notice that the designer mixes in unusual materials like coal, and copper and gypsum on silicon; resulting in something truly unique and inspirational. All pieces are easy to wear solo or will pair well with your casual, day to day items; helping to give them a burst of elegance, a chic edge, and even a dash of perky personality.