Amy Glenn Amy Glenn

Gender-neutral silhouettes are accented with a line of minimalist accessories. Hand-dipped triple dyed fabrics are dried by the sun, leather is washed and molded, rocks and stones bound by metals. Each piece is a canvas, created and designed by hand, one at a time. Using a monochromatic palate, Amy creates a line that translates her artistic vision. She is committed to the elusive and apparent, to protection and refusal, the seen and the unseen, integration of the known and unknown. Her Method: Occultation, erosion and alchemy. Amy has always created distinctive pieces; for the past 10 years she worked in the TV, film, and music industry in Los Angeles and abroad. In 2010 she committed full time to her own creative work. Each piece stands alone. The collections do not fit into any categories; they are extemporaneous and come from a point of rapture, an inner code, from devastation to devotion.